Outsourcing your DOT Compliance and Management needs to Driving Safety Services will benefit your business in reducing personnel cost while efficiently handling your DOT program more expertly!  DSS will provide your company training needs and ensure you meet your DOT compliance requirements.  Don’t wait, contact us today.

Driving Safety Services
DOT/Occupational Drug/Alcohol "On-Site" Testing Service

“Premium 5 ~ Star Quality” DOT approved Breath Alcohol Testing equipment and supplies directly to our customers.  Equipment may be ordered and drop-shipped directly or delivered the day of your training at your facility.  Want to lease your equipment?  Contact us and let our experts discuss your equipment and training needs.

Want to save time and money?  Driving Safety Services training is provided at your facility to save your company time and money.  Training is available on location, including outside the USA through special arrangements.

Why wait?  Call and take advantage of our professional testing services today!

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